The Counselor's Corner

  • Healthy Ways to Beat the Holiday Blues....

    Here are 10 great ways to enjoy the holidays this year!


    1.  Spend time with your family and friends.


    2. Eat healthy.


    3. Accept new traditions/changes to your holiday.


    4. Don't overcommit yourself.


    5. Don't have overrealistic expectations.


    6. Practice a random act of kindness- open a door for someone, pay for someone's meal anonymously, rake someone's yard, babysit so a mom can shop, etc.


    7. Exercise.  Take a walk.


    8. Decorate your surroundings.  


    9. Focus on positive things- find things to be thankful for and remember them.


    10.  Stay away from negative people.




  •  Open House will be Thursday, Sept 7th from 5-6pm.

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