• Writing is an integral part of any classroom, and agriculture is no different.  Journals will be completed every day during the first 5 minutes of class.  If a student cannot complete the journal entry in the time allowed, they must finish their writing at another time.


    Journal policies:

    Journals must be a minimum lenght of 8 FULL LINES

    Journals will be turned in every single Friday for grading.  Students may not turn journals in the following week unless they were absent on Friday.

    If a student is not in class for any reason, they need to document that in their journal with the date.

    Each journal entry is worth 20 points a piece.

    Point deductions:

    • -10 points for failure to start a new page every Monday
    • -5 points for failure to reach the 8 line minimum (not including the prompt)
    • -5 points for failure to write the day's topic
    • -10 points for nonsensical writing
    • -10 points for failing to answer the Critical Thinking question or SAT sentences