Welcome to Dual Credit U.S. History, which I am teaching on behalf of Coastal Bend College in Beeville. Wow!  I have so happy to be your college instructor!  You can say Professor if you like, as the college doesn't mind.
    Welcome to SPRING 2018!!!!  It is finally January!  I am excited to teach HIST 1302 this semester.  This semester rocks and rolls with lots of lecture as there is a STAAR test for Juniors and my exams will be more rigorous.  I have attached the syllabus for SPRING 2018 here on the webpage.  We wiill be going over it, as the dates have all be verified, etc.  If you have questions in the meantime, email myself at bthompson@ednaisd.org or Mrs. Sparks at ksparks@ednaisd.org.
    Have a great year!
    Mrs. Thompson 


    Continue to access your book, on Chrome or Mozilla, through the Revel link here:    Revel

    (Don't tell me you cannot read the chapters assigned to you, as this link is available....)

    Looks like this when the link opens:

    Pearson Login page image


    When you login, choose the Fall 2017 box as that is the combined edition, with the textbook being for both semesters.


    Here is the  HIST 1302 Spring 2018 Syllabus