2017-2018 School Supplies
  • Supplies needed for use daily!

    • 2 composition books (1 for fall semester and 1 for spring semester)
    • 1 inch binder with dividers and notebook paper
    • Writing utensils (pencils, or colored pens *NO RED)
    • 1 package of glue sticks (NO LIQUID GLUE)


    Supplies needed for the shop:
    (Lockers are Available for storage of personal items)

    • Work clothes: Tight knit long sleeve cotton shirt. Cotton pants without holes or tears. Closed toe boots/shoes.
    • Safety Glasses: Clear, ANSI Z87.1 (the Ag shop will sell safety glasses for $2.00 if needed)
    • A small cheap combination lock is suggested so that work clothes don’t get “borrowed” and safety glasses don’t grow legs.
  • Class Period Supplies List:

    • 1st Period- 1 pack of color markers (thick or thin)                       
    • 3rd Period- 1 pack of color pencils               
    • 4th Period- 2 pack of scissors             
    • 5th Period- 1 pack of construction paper               
    • 6th Period- 1 Roll of Packing Tape         
    • 7th Period- 1 pack of sticky notes                  
    • 8th Period- 1 pack of graphing paper


    *Students will receive 2 checks for each item they bring to class by Aug. 25, 2017.*


    Please feel free to ask Miss Koehl about the check system being implemented in her classroom.