• AP Spanish Language and Culture



    Don Quijote  de la Mancha lectura


    The AP Spanish Language and Culture course emphasizes communication(understanding and being understood by others) by applying interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational skills in real-life situations. This includes vocabulary usage, language control, communication strategies, and cultural awareness. The AP Spanish Language and Culture course strives not to overemphasize grammatical accuracy at the expense of communication. To best facilitate the study of language and culture, the course is taught exclusively in Spanish. 


     Performance Assessments : Summative&Formative 

    ¿Qué van hacer los estudiantes?

    Escribir-Interpersonal and Presentational

    Hablar-Interpersonal and Presentational

    Leer-Ficción, non-ficción, infografóas, correos,etc.

    Escuchar-Podcast, canciones, etc.

    Ver-Video de Youtube, películas, cortometrajes


    Crear proyectos

    Grámatica y vocabulario