The Writer's Passage Creative Writing Club

Creative Writing
  • Goals: Our goal is to provide an encouraging learning environment for beginning to advanced writers and to challenge those authors to enhance their skills. Our ultimate goal is to publish (electronic, hard copy, or audio) and build a professional writing resume.


    Activities: Writing workshops, Student Publishing, Viewing videos of prominent writers and reading/ listening to examples of superior writing.

    Community Service Options: Local Public Library, School Libraries, Students may create works geared toward younger children and share them at the elementary schools.


    Membership: Open to all students

    Membership Limit: No limit


    About: We provide opportunities to those who want to write and gain experience writing while simultaneously getting inspiration, feedback and reassurance from their peers. As such, the club is a place where writers will discuss the challenges of writing, encourage each other, read aloud contemporary literature, and refine their creative, literary, narrative, and poetic sensibilities. In order to achieve these ends, the club has weekly meetings in which writers workshop each other’s poems, short stories, novel excerpts, and creative non-fiction. See Calendar for meeting dates. Our members will also try out for the UIL Journalism Headline Writing, Editorial Writing, and Feature Writing events.


    Requirements: A desire to write, participation in peer editing and workshoping, ability to receive constructive criticism to hone your writing craft, and meeting attendance (minimum of 50% of meetings)

Creative Writing Calendar

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