• Code.org

    • Students are expected to work through modules on code.org at the rate of 2-3 lessons per week. Assignments will be graded online via the website.
    • Students will be given Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to work through lessons and assignments.
    • Should students finish early, students may work through "hour of code" modules found online.
    • Unit tests will be administered at the end of each unit, every 6 weeks.



    • Once the ozobots come in, students will be given every Thursday to work with an ozobot module. Participation and successful implementation of ozobot coding are all that is required for these days.


    Lego Mindstorms/Coding Projects

    • Every Tuesday, students will be allowed to work on Lego Mindstorm projects (if they are in Robotics), or on a coding project assigned by Mr. Wallace if they are not in Robotics.
    • Project specifications and rubrics will be posted on the calendar below on the date that they are assigned. Students may reprint copies of the documents from here as needed.