• Art Rules, Expectation, and Grading Policy

    Ms. Whitehead

    2017 - 2018


    • Students are expected to be seated at their tables when the tardy bell rings.


    •  Students are expected to follow all directions (oral and written) the first time they are given.  


    • Students are expected to be respectful to everyone in class. Disrespect will not be tolerated.  The art    room is a place of mutual respect. I expect you to treat your peers, your teacher (whether a substitute or me),     and yourself with the highest level of respect. Please be polite and do not put down your artwork or the artwork of another classmate. If appropriate behavior becomes a challenge for you, we will meet to find a solution. If necessary, we will include parents/guardians and administrators.


    • Students are required to bring a pencil and eraser to class every day.


    • Students are to label all work clearly with first name, last name, and period. Work with no name on it will go in the trash.


    • Students are expected to listen when the teacher is talking. I WILL NOT talk over students. Students who wish to talk during class should raise their hands and wait for the teacher to call on them.  


    • Students are expected to clean their entire area at the end of the period. Check the floors for trash, put art materials away in designated location. Make sure chairs are pushed in and tables are wiped down if dirty. Disciplinary actions will be taken for excessive messes, refusal to clean up, or disruptive or negative behavior.The consequences for this behavior will be an alternate assignment out of the art book.


    • When a student returns to class after an absence, he/she should immediately check with me to see what class activity was missed. It is the students’ responsibility to approach me when they return to school.


    • Food, gum, and drinks are not allowed in the classroom. The only exceptions will be determined by the teacher.  


    • Cell phones, music players, and all other personal digital devices are not to be used or shown in the classroom.  When the students enter the room, they should put these types of devices in the “temporary home” beside the door.  If a student refuses to do this or puts a “dummy device” in the temporary home instead and is caught with any of these types of items, it will be taken up by the teacher and turned into the office, and the student will be given an office referral.  


    • No personal grooming is allowed in the classroom.  



    • Students will not be allowed to leave the class!   



    Grading Policy

    50% Daily Grades – Participation/In process Class Work

    50% Major Projects


    In general, grades can be described as follows:

    A = 90% or better    This grade is for the student that consistently demonstrates excellent effort, good quality work, originality, thoughtfulness, participation, good behavior, and working habits as well as excellent written work. You do not have to be an amazing artist to earn an “A” grade, on the other hand, you may be an amazing artist and not earn an “A” grade due to lack of working habits, written work, or missed deadlines.

    B = 80% to 89%    This is a good grade for a student demonstrating good quality work, timely completion of assignments, fairly consistent effort, good written work, and class participation.

    C = 70% to 79%    This grade shows that the student has completed most assignments at an average level without showing much effort, quality of work, proficiency or participation. This grade is usually due to missing and/or late assignment and little class participation.

    D = 60% to 69%    This grade shows little effort or quality of work and needs improvement. This grade is usually due to missing and/or late assignment and little class participation.

    F = 0 to 59%       This is a failing grade and shows little to no effort on behalf of the student. This grade is usually due to many missing and/or late assignments, and lack of class participation.



    Parents, please feel free to contact me at any time if you should have any questions or concerns. I can be reached by email at: twhitehead@ednaisd.org.