Grading Procedures

Grading and Assignments

  • 50% Major Grades (Tests, projects and labs)

    50% Daily Grades (Worksheets, journals, ets.)


    Each six weeks will have at minimum 13 grades.  Of those 13, 10 will be daily grades and 3 will be major grades.


    No late in-class assignments will be accepted.


    Late work policy for homework ONLY:

    • 1 day late = 20 point deduction
    • 2 days late = 40 point deduction
    • 3 days late = 60 point deduction
    • After 3 days, work will not be accepted for credit


    Absences: Work that is missed while a student is absent must be completed in 3 days.


    Any work that is not turned in will receive an "M" in the grade book, which will calculate as a zero.