Policies and Procedures

  • Classroom Syllabus, Policies and Procedures



    Name: Mr. Koop                                            Office Location: Career Center, Room 504

    Phone: 361-782-5255 Ex 212                        Office Hours: 7:45-4:00 – Conf. 1st period



    ·       Major Grades - will constitute 50% of the student’s six weeks grade with no fewer than 3 grades per 6 weeks period. (Test, Quizzes, Projects, Labs)

    ·       Daily Grades - will constitute 50% of the student’s six weeks grade, no fewer than 10 grades per 6 weeks. (daily assignments, journals, homework, participation)



    ·       I will be in Mr. Koop’s classroom when the bell rings, not in the shop.

    ·       I will have all my supplies when I enter class. I will not ask Mr. Koop to borrow items.

    ·       I will not bring in food or drinks.

    ·       I will fully participate in classroom/shop activities and have the necessary supplies to do so.

    ·       I will do my own assignments and turn them in when they are due. I will not be allowed to make up work that I chose not to do the first time.

    ·       I will put my full name, date and class period legibly on all assignments.

    ·       I will not use my cell phone during class time.

    ·       I will not ask to go to the bathroom or to get a drink while Mr. Koop is teaching.

    ·       I will not ask to go to my car.

    ·       I will collect any work from when I was absent in a timely manner and turn it in. I will do this on my own as it is my responsibility.

    ·       I will collect my own graded papers and keep them in my notebook in chronological order.

    ·       I will work hard. I will not accept mediocrity. I will do my best in every endeavor.

    ·       I will respect others, as I want them to respect me.



     ·       Students will collect ALL of their work for the duration of the course and keep in chronological order in their portfolio. Portfolios will be checked periodically for a grade



    ·       A daily class journal will be used as a measuring tool for comprehension in writing.

    ·       The journal will be completed within the first 5 minutes of the class period each day.

    ·       Journals will be 8 lines long, margin to margin, and will require normal word spacing.

    ·       Points will be deducted for:  incomplete lines, off topic, spacing, lacking title or topic.



    ·       No late work will be accepted for in-class assignments.

    ·       Out of class assignments: Refer to the Homework Section on Pg. 53 of the EHS handbook.

    ·       Work that is not turned in will receive an “M” in the gradebook, which calculates as a zero.



    Lecture, textbook and open discussion will be the standard method during classroom instruction. Topics of instruction will be further studied through the use of multimedia software, projects and videos. Information gained during lecture and group discussions will be reinforced in a practical hands-on manner during shop sessions or group work.



    Each student must furnish the following for the course:


    ·       A positive attitude

    ·       1 – 1.5” “D” style 3 ring binder for use as the student’s portfolio

    ·       1 - Package of loose leaf notebook paper for daily journal writing and class work (NO Spirals)

    ·       5 dividers

    ·       Black or blue pen and pencils (NO Red or other colors)




    ·       Work clothes: Tight knit, long sleeve cotton shirt. Cotton pants without holes or tears, NO FRAYS! Closed toe leather boots/shoes.

    ·       Safety Glasses: Clear, ANSI Z87.1 (the Ag shop will sell safety glasses for $2.00 if needed)

    ·       Lockers are available for storage of personal items

    ·       A small inexpensive combination lock is suggested so that work clothes don’t get borrowed and safety glasses don’t grow legs




    Each student is required to pay for materials (steel, lumber, etc.) used in/on personal projects. Prices for materials will be based on current supply rates.