Shop Policies Contract

Shop Policies and Procedures Contract



    Edna High School

    Course – Agricultural Mechanics and Fabrication


    Instructor – Mr. Koop

    Wk# 361-782-5255 Email


    Dear Parent or Guardian:


    Your child is enrolled in the Agricultural Mechanics program, which will require the use and operation of various tools and equipment under the supervision of a certified instructor.


    Instruction in the safe operation of assigned tools, equipment, and procedures will be provided and students will be tested on safe use of each item.  Extensive precautions will be taken to prevent accidents, but a certain risk is involved due to the nature of the experience and the learning environment.


    Protective eyewear and clothing are required.  Please discuss with your child the necessity of observing safety policies that have been established for this program. Please email or call me at the school if you have any questions or concerns.  Thank you for your cooperation.


    Safe Conduct and Dress: I Agree To

    1. Inform my teacher of any allergies or handicaps before using the shop.
    2. Wear safety glasses at all times when in the shop.
    3. Wear prescribed protective clothing including: long sleeved cotton shirt, denim jeans without holes or frays, and leather work boots.
    4. Never wear long neckties, loose sleeves, or other loose clothing.
    5. Practice general cleanliness and orderliness at all times.
    6. Never wear finger rings when working on electrical systems.
    7. Not to hang around in the shop when I am not working.
    8. Not to throw objects in the shop.
    9. Avoid “horseplay” at all times in the shop.
    10. Report all accidents including minor cuts, scratches, splinters and burns to the instructor promptly.
    11. Help with shop cleanup and storage duties until the job is done.



    Safe Machine Use: I Agree To

    1. Never operate equipment unless specifically authorized and trained.
    2. Never operate machines unless guards are in place.
    3. Use all tools for the purpose intended and in the approved manner as taught by the instructor.
    4. Stand to the side of grinding wheels, buffers, and blades while the machine is gaining speed.
    5. Removes keys from chucks when adjustments are complete.
    6. Fasten all work securely before drilling, milling, sanding, and other such operations.
    7. Avoid talking to or otherwise distracting others using the machines or doing hazardous activities.
    8. Not leave machines running unattended, nor repair, oil, clean, or adjust them while they are running.
    9. Not force machines beyond the capacity for which they were designed.
    10. Report to the teacher all electrical equipment that is not properly grounded or otherwise unsafe to operate.
    11. Report to the teacher all tools and machinery in need of repair, and any hazards that I observe.


    Safe Material Handling and Usage: I Agree To

    1. Handle all fuels, solvents, and thinners in the correctly prescribed ways.
    2. Not handle or store electrical equipment that is not properly grounded or otherwise unsafe to use.
    3. Unplug electrical devices with the plug and not the cord.
    4. Lift or move objects in the approved manner only.
    5. Purchase any materials that were used for personal projects.
    6. Not to be wasteful with the materials and resources of the shop


    I have read the above rules and I realize they are not only for my protection, but for the protection of those around me. I will do all I can to see that they are enforced.  I will observe all precautions given by my instructor or others assigned to supervise my participation in school and school-related activities. Failure to do so will result in removal from the shop.


    * This page can be downloaded from the “Downloadable Forms” Link