Graphic/Digital Design                  computer                     


    Students will learn to add design and graphics to enhance flyers, brochures, programs, invitations, etc. This will be achieved by learning about page layout and the use of color, typography, images and graphics.


    Principles of graphic design cover placement of elements, their balance and alignment, and how proximity changes the relationship to the big picture of the design. Repetition and the importance of consistency in the design is covered, as well as contrast, white space, and unity in design placement.




    Graphic designers specialize in creating visual communications using color, type, print, photography, illustrations, and other techniques. They are involved in the layout and design of magazines, newspapers, corporate reports, product displays and packaging, signage systems, and websites. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for graphic design professionals are expected to increase 13 percent in the next decade as demand from advertisers and computer design firms increases.