•  Welcome to 8th Science
    Ms. Keri Vera
                                                                                              Conference Time: 11:49-12:35
     Pic    Teaching Experience: 10 years 8th Science; 3 years 5th Science
                                                         College: University of Houston-Victoria 
    I hope you are ready for an exciting year in 8th Grade Science! We will be doing lots of great things this year...You will be learning the following concepts:
    1. Safety/Scientific Method
    2. Matter and Energy
    3. Force, Motion, and Energy
    4. Earth and Space
    5. Organisms and the Environment 
    Supply List for Science:
    1. Spirals (2)
    General Supplies
    1. Pens/Pencils
    2. Map Colors
    3. Glue
    4. Markers 
    Class Rules:
    1. Enter the Classroom in a quiet manner
    2. Be sitting at your desk when the tardy bell rings
    3. Ask permission to get up from desk
    4. Show respect to everyone :)
    5. No Horseplay
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