• Writing is an integral part of any classroom, and agriculture is no different.  Journals will be completed every day during the first 5 minutes of class.  If a student cannot complete the journal entry in the time allowed, they must finish their writing at another time.


    Journal policies:

    Journals must fill the entire space provided on the journaling page.

    Journals will be turned in every single Friday for grading.  Students may not turn journals in the following week unless they were absent on Friday.

    If a student misses a journal entry, they must either ask a classmate or use the class Twitter account to make up the journal they missed. 

    Each journal entry is worth 20 points a piece.

    Point deductions:

    • -5 points for failure to write the day's prompt or article title
    • -5 points for not writing the dates
    • -5 to 10 pts for not filling ALL lines
    • -10 points for nonsensical writing
    • -10 points for failing to answer the Critical Thinking question or SAT sentences