2018-2019 School Supplies
  • Supplies needed for use daily!

    • 1 inch binder
    • Dividers
    • Notebook Paper
    • Writing utensils (pencils, or colored pens *NO RED)


    Supplies needed for the shop:
    (Lockers are Available for storage of personal items)

    • Work clothes: Jeans and a shirt that the student/parent do not mind getting dirty. These clothes could potentially get stains and paint residue on them. (Recommend that the students bring clothes home every week to get washed but that is their preference.)
    • Safety Glasses: Clear, ANSI Z87.1 (the Ag shop will sell safety glasses for $2.00 if needed)
    • A small cheap combination lock is suggested so that work clothes don’t get “borrowed” and safety glasses don’t grow legs.


    Shop Project Fee:

    Students will be required to pay a $15 shop fee to cover the materials that they use for their projects. Most projects that the students will build are able to be taken home when completed. These projects are pre-planned for the students and they will average around 6 projects if they are in the Ag Mechanics Course and 4 projects if they are in the Principles course. 

    If a student is unable to bring $15 due to specific curcumstances, Miss Koehl will find a sponsor for this student. They student will then be required to give their sponsor one of their take home projects as a thank you and will write and thank you letter as well. PLEASE, if you have any questions about the shop fee or know your student will need a sponsor, let me know ASAP.