Daily Bell Ringers

  • All of Miss Koehl’s classes with have daily bell ringers, similar to the journals kept in the other Agriculture classes. The bell ringers will be written on notebook paper and kept in binders in Miss Koehl's class at all times. 

    The bell ringers will be completed every day during the first 5 minutes of class and turned in on every Friday. If a students can not complete their work in the allotted time, they must come to Miss Koehl before or after school to complete their assignment.


    Miss Koehl’s Bell Ringer Policies:

    Bell Ringers MUST be written in complete sentences! (this does not include math related bell ringers)

    Bell ringers MUST be more than ten lines.

    Bell ringers involving math MUST have work shown to receive full credit.

    Bell Ringers will be turned in every single Friday for grading.

    Students may not turn bell ringers in the following week unless they were absent Friday.

    If a students is not in class for any reason, they need to document that in their bell ringer with the date.

    Each bell ringer is worth 20 points. Therefore, every week will amount to 100 points.

    • If you complete your bell ringers correctly and show all of your work, a 100 should be easily met.
      • -15 points for failure to show work
      • -10 points for failure to write more than 10 lines
      • -5 points for failure to put the day's date (each time no date is written)
      • -20 points for nonsensical writing
Bell Ringer