Mrs. Jennifer Burns



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Jennifer Burns

Family and Consumer Science
Human Growth and Development
Fashion Design
Fashion Marketing/Advertising
Culinary Arts
Principles of Education and Training
FCCLA Advisor
 FCS Syllabus



Degrees and Certifications:

FCS Syllabus

Mrs. Jennifer Burns

Welcome to a new school year!   So happy to have you here!


Program Overview:  Family and Consumer Science classes are comprehensive courses designed to provide students with the core knowledge and skills needed to manage their lives. Project based instruction provides students with opportunities to utilize higher order thinking, communication, and leadership skills impacting families and communities. Concepts incorporate interpersonal relationships, career, community, and family connections, family, nutrition and wellness, consumer and family resources, fashion and apparel, food production and service, parenting, and housing into relevant curriculum.




1 – 1” or 2” Binder

1 Package Dividers


#2 pencils

Black or blue pens

Other supplies as needed



Grades will be weighted as follows:

         Major                       50%

         Minor                       50%


Make-up work policy:

- It is the responsibility of the student to make arrangements for all work missed while absent. Students have three (3) days to complete all assignments missed due to an absence(s). Any work not made up in three school days after an absence will results in a zero for that assignment or test. An assignment that was given prior to the absence is due upon the student’s return to class. Teachers may assign a late penalty to any long-term project in accordance with time lines approved by the principal and previously communicated to the students.

-Please remember that your student’s grade is directly affected by their attendance so make school their first priority!


Student Expectations:

°  ALL Students are expected to follow all the rules and procedures printed in the student handbook.

°  ALL Students should come to class prepared with notebooks and pens or pencils. * Students should attend to personal needs before coming to class. NO ONE will be allowed to leave class unless called out by the office.

°  ALL Students’ cell phones other personal digital devices are not to be used in the classroom unless the teacher gives you permission for class work or activities.

°  ALL Students are to actively participate in class.

°  ALL Students are to remain seated unless they have permission to do otherwise.

°  ALL Students are to raise their hands in order to be acknowledged during class time.

°  ALL Students are to practice safety and sanitation procedures when in the kitchens.  “Playing around is not tolerated.”

°  All Students are to work only on Family and Consumer Science subjects during class time.




         S             Safety and Sanitation is mandatory for our classroom.

         M            Mange your time efficiently so all work and clean-up is completed before the end of class.

         A             Actively participate in class and all labs.

         R             Respect yourself, others, and school property.

         T             Think before you act or speak.