• Welcome to 6th Grade Science


    1.    Be Prompt

    2.    Be Prepared

    3.    Be Productive

    4.    Be Polite

    5.    Be Patient


    1.    Students will have a folder with brads and pockets for this class.

    2.    Students are expected to keep all loose papers filed in his/her folder.  Folders are not to be left in the classroom.

    Composition/Spiral Notebooks

    1.    These notebooks are not to be taken out of the class and will be kept in labeled class bins in the room (that way they don’t get lost.)  There will be numerous assignments throughout the year that will be cut out, colored and glued into these books as well as journals for lab activities and certain diagrams that you have created.  Mrs. Maxwell can at anytime look at the notebooks for grading purposes and students are not allowed to use the paper in there for doodling or writing notes.  Pages are also not to be ripped out since we will need all the pages for the year.


    Daily grades will count as 50% of the 6 weeks grade.

    Major work will count as 50% of the 6 weeks grade.

    Work must be turned in on time.  If an assignment is turned in late, points will be deducted.  Some assignments may not be accepted late.

    Teacher Expectations

    1.    All school rules will be followed in the classroom.

    2.    Destruction of property will not be tolerated.  Students will only be allowed entry into the class through one door (door by Mrs. Maxwell’s desk.)  The other door will remained locked from the outside, but in the case of an emergency, students may exit out that door.

    3.    Do not touch any of the lab materials or anything in the science lab unless instructed to do so.

    4.    There will be a lot of fun activities in the classroom this year.  Keep in mind that everyone needs to be on his/her best behavior in order for the activities to continue.

    5.    If you are absent, it is your responsibility to see Mrs. Maxwell for missed assignments.


    1.    First offense – verbal warning

    2.    Second offense – student will write what he/she did wrong and how they are going to correct it

    3.    Third offense – parent will be contacted

    4.    Fourth offense – office referral

    For major discipline problems (fighting, cursing, major disrespect, or anything else Mrs. Maxwell sees as a major discipline problem,) students will be sent straight to the office.

    *Any discipline problems with a substitute will result in immediate action by the substitute teacher.


    Campus policy will be enforced as stated in Edna Jr. High Student Handbook


    If you have any questions about anything please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I look forward to this year.


    Mrs. Maxwell

    6th Grade Science