Mrs. DeBord's Classroom Standards

  • 1. I will not use my cell phone unless instructed by Mrs. DeBord for ACADEMIC purposes.  Cell phones CAN and WILL be confiscated!

    2. I will not bring in food or drinks.

    3. I will be in Mrs. DeBord's classroom when the bell rings (not the bathroom, hall or shop)

    4. I will have all my supplies when I enter class.  Mrs. DeBord will not loan me supplies.

    5. I will not ask to go to the restroom when the red lights are on.

    6. I will do my classwork on time and turn in it promptly.  I will not be allowed to make up assignments that I chose not to do the first time.

    7. I will collect any work from when I was absent in a timely manner and turn it in.  I will do this on my own and it is my responsibility.

    8. I will not use inappropriate language in Mrs. DeBord's classroom.

    9. I will give respect to those I wish to gain respect from.

    10.  I will work from bell to bell on the tasks for the day.  I will not put my things away early.

    11. I will use the iPads responsibly.  iPad privileges CAN be taken away.

    12.  I will collect my own graded papers and keep them in my notebook in an orderly manner.

    13.  I will complete my work in pen or No. 2 pencil.  If I do my work in anything else, it will not be accepted.

    14.  I will not accept mediocrity.  I will work hard and aim for the best performance I can achieve.