This Week "WE WILL......."

  • This weeks lesson plans.

    Every Week !

    Math Journals: Monday through Thursday. Due on Thursday. Follow the journal example given to you. Write and draw the problem, show ALL work, and box your answers. If you cannot complete the journal during the 10 minute warmup time you will need to come to tutorials and finish it up.


    Fridays we will work on content specific vocabulary. We will research the definitions for the 3 terms given and then write 3 sentences with context clues for each word for a total of 9 lines. The sentences need to be personal and not just copied from the web.


    Once each 6 weeks we will read a content specific article, second we will mark the text to isolate key information and third we will answer each of the level 3 discussion questions based on the text. The answers will be in complete sentences, and will explain your thoughts and defend you reasoning.


    If you are missing a Journal or your vocabulary words? Go to my Twitter account @EdnaAgMech to see what you missed. Otherwise you need to come in to tutorials and get them.



    September 17th - 21st

     WE WILL....



    Now that the rain has stopped, lets TEST our Solar Ovens!!!!  How did we do?


    Based on our design, we built a Solar Oven using Cardboard, foil and clearwrap. How well did it work?

    Measuring and measurements. Adding and subtracting fractions. Practice using different different measuring tools


    ROBOTICS 4th


    Jigsaw safety - Trebuchet research, design and build. Lets test them!



    Welding Vocabulary. Intro to welding safety. Safety test.