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Edna Alternative



2022 STAAR - Overall B

Ms. Sonya Proper

Principal, Edna Alternative School 112 W. Ash Edna, TX 77957 (361) 782-9051    


Huey Chancellor, DAEP teacher-

Dana Mesa, AEP/DAEP/Inclusion teacher -


Edna Alternative School

The mission of the Edna Alternative School is to provide alternative educational opportunities necessary for our students to acquire knowledge and skills, to develop the values of responsibility and respect for self and others, leading to productive citizenship and lifelong learning needed to be successful in the 21st Century.

  We Believe…

·       Education is the key whereby students become responsible and productive citizens.

·       Students and staff should accept responsibility for their actions.

·       Staff and students have the right to a disciplined and safe learning environment.

·       Students and staff have the right to be treated with dignity and respect.

·       Staff and students should be lifelong learners.

The Edna Alternative School Will…

·       Be designed to meet the individual needs of students who are unable to benefit educationally from the comprehensive school environment.

·       Provide computer based, self-paced instruction geared to the individual needs and interests

·       Provide the academic and social training necessary to assist students in becoming productive members of society.

Students interested in EAS will complete an application for admittance, are screened by a committee, and recommended to the Superintendent of Schools for approval/admittance. Students will work toward their diplomas through an individualized academic plan which is created by the high school counselor. Credits will be earned through self-paced/student centered online instruction. All students will be provided with instruction from highly qualified teachers and instructional aides.

GRADUATION UPON COMPLETION or a student can choose to participate in the regularly scheduled commencement ceremony for Edna High School with all fines and dues paid and EHS dress code must be followed.Students that choose to participate in the graduation ceremony must be a member of that particular graduating class. All students must follow EHS's dress code for graduation.    


            Edna Alternative celebrates the 1st graduate of the 2023-2024 school year   


Houldon Idlett    

                October 2023 Graduate Lance Palacios