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The mission of the Edna Alternative School is to serve the needs of all learners. It especially serves those learners who are at risk of dropping out of school due to various reasons. Those reasons may include, but are not limited to, significantly low social, emotional, behavioral, and/or academic progress.


The societal demands placed upon youth of our community are many. It has become increasingly evident that traditional education programming, utilized in most schools, fails to meet the needs of some students. The Edna Alternative School exists to provide an alternative educational setting for these students. This program has been designed to more adequately reach the variances between learners, while helping to instruct them on how to best deal with their individual problems.

The Edna Alternative School is able to allow its students to be active participants in the planning and developing of their own customized educational programs. The program is held to the same high standards as the Edna High School and, as such, allows students to meet standards required by the State of Texas.


The Edna Alternative School is currently staffed with a regular education instructor and a special education Para professional- both teachers are fully accredited. In addition to the instructors, the Alternative School has its own Principal and has access to counseling services.

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