Degrees and Certifications:

Shawn Kendrick


What is the STAR Social Club?

It is the old Character Education class.

  • Goal: The STAR Social Club will provide engaging lessons connected to Edna Elementary focus themes. It will focus on the whole student providing them with strategies to overcome obstacles, physical and emotional. Provide them with communication skills and a safe, welcoming environment. STAR Social Club members will have a voice in planning of By-Laws and activities.
  • Objective: Students will develop skills to help them cope with anger, frustration, emotional hurt, and fear. Recognize students for doing their best to follow the Club By-Laws and reward them with tangible awards. Give students an outlet to release anxiety and seek their potential.
  • STAR Social Club focus themes for next year are tentatively set as:
    • August – Citizenship –
      • Goals for the year
      • Team activities
      • Create Greeters, Helpers in lower grades
    • September – Perseverance
      • Brain challenges and games
      • Intro to coping skills
    • October – Red Ribbon & Recognizing Differences
      • What can you REALLY do?
    • November – Self Esteem & Respect
      • Show your true self – games and activities
    • December – Conflict Resolution (What is really fairness?)
      • Point of view – yours and mine
    • January – Responsibility/Things I Can Control
      • How to deal with things out of your control
    • February – Positive Affirmation & Caring for others
      • Practice, Practice and more Practice
      • Team activities
    • March – Coping Skills & Trusting each other
      • Building trust
      • Techniques to help calm anxiety
      • Team games
    • April – Encouragement & Goals
      • Posters for STAAR
    • May – Mindset for testing – Breathing and relaxing