Edna Independent School District

  • Edna ISD is a rural 3A district in the heart of Jackson County.  EISD is comprised of four campuses serving approximately 1600 students.  Our male/female ratio is about 50/50 with 63% economically disadvantage, 14% African American, 37% white, and 46% Hispanic. Approximately 10% of our student population are English Language Learners.



    To Ensure a Quality Education for All



    Edna ISD:  Preparing Students for the Challenges of Tomorrow.


    'OLE EDNA HIGH (fight song)

    Ole Edna High we love the spirit true.

    Your Edna Cowboys know just what to do;

    And if you try, try, try, try you will win.

    You'll win a victory over your opponent's team.

    And then we'll scream, scream, scream for Edna's team.

    We'll show them how to play a football game;

    And then our coach will show us how to smile, how to smile,

    When we win.


    When that old EHS team falls in line,

    We're gonna win a game another time;

    And for the football team we'll yell and yell

    For the Cowboy team we love so very well;

    And then we'll fight, fight, fight for every score.

    We'll circle ends and then we'll score some more;

    And then we'll roll those ____ in the dust, for we must

    Win, win, win.