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Charge Policy

Edna ISD Food Service Charge Policy

All students will be able to charge two reimbursable meals to their account.  The charges will be taken out of any future payments received.  After the first charge, a note will be sent home with students notifying parents of the charge.  After the allowed two charges the student will recieve an alternative meal.  

Parents may choose to pre-pay for meals for their children.  ID numbers are assigned to each student that is used for their meal accounts.  The ID numbers can be used to set up an online account with "Myschoolbucks" whereby meal purchases may be made with debit and credit cards.  Each time your child has a transaction in the cafeteria, the child's account is debited the amount of the meal or item.  Cafeteria personnel assigned to handle meal counting/purchasing have a computerized process that enables them to communicate to parents the status of each child's account.  Notices will be sent home as reminders when a child's account balance gets low, the first notice will be sent out at $2.05.

No tray will be taken from a student, therefore additional charges may occur.  There is no charging for any ala carte or snack items.

For more information, contact the cafeteria manager at the campus you student is enrolled at.