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Weather Bug


The WeatherBug Schools Program is a unique combination of live weather data, dynamic graphics, lesson plans that teach to National and State Education Standards, and Web-based instruction. It enables you to introduce technology into your classroom without losing control of your classroom to technology.


Our award-winning curriculum can be used as is or easily tailored to meet your individual needs. Up-to-the-second data from the WeatherBug Schools Network, the world's largest weather network, is automatically integrated into the lessons, helping your students grasp even the most complex concepts across a range of subjects.


The award-winning WeatherBug Schools Program combines meteorology and technology in an interactive learning environment. More than 8,000 schools nationwide use its lessons to teach a wide range of subjects, including science, math, geography, technology and more.


Its ability to integrate real-world conditions and data into the classroom can help your children grasp difficult educational concepts and improve problem solving. WeatherBug Achieve's Web-based instruction also provides a safe outlet for your children to learn how to use the Internet as a research tool within the confines of classroom-appropriate material.